A Half Dozen Things

One of the major barriers to learning is that we sometimes feel daunted at the thought of learning hundreds of new skills. The reality though, is that for the most part there are only about a half dozen things that make most of the difference.

Take a professional golfer for example. He doesn’t need to master hundreds of different skills. The most important skills in golf are driving, chipping and putting. If he thought that he had to master every hole of every major golf course on the pro circuit then he may well give up before he even started!

The same is true in many areas of life. If we want to create a unique lifestyle for ourselves and our families then there are just a handful of things that we need to master. Here is a short list of some of the most important areas of our lives that we need to master in order to be successful in life and business.

Relationships – We need to continually work on and develop our relationships with family and friends. Our family and friends are our inner circle of influence. They are the people we have most influence on and the people who most influence us.

Finances – The ability to use, manage and invest money efficiently is an important skill that has a major bearing on our most areas of our lives. Financial independence is a worthy goal, but in order to achieve that goal we need to know how to keep track of the numbers and how to make money work for you rather than just you working for money. Money and business are a numbers game, so it is important to understand and keep track of income and expenditure.

Goal Setting – Setting realistic goals and knowing how to effectively work towards achieving those goals is essential. Lists are great and nearly all of us proclaim our new years resolutions, but unless we have a plan to achieve our goals then they are nothing more than a list.

Exercise – Regular exercise and a healthy diet are essential. We need to keep the ‘engine room’ in top shape so that we face each day with as much zest and enthusiasm as we can. A healthy body keeps the mind sharp and allows us to focus much easier on the things that matter in our lives.

There are only four points in that short list, but if you were able to master all of them then you would be almost assured of success in your life, your relationships and your business. Success, like a healthy body, isn’t something that happens over night. It is something that you work at each day and with each hour you sepnd on these skills you are accumulating equity in your life.

Technology and efficiency have made us tend to want everything yesterday, so there are some times that we need to be able to look ahead one year, five years or ten years and see what the accumulated outcome of our efforts will be. Fifty dollars saved each week for example, is twenty six thousand dollars plus interest in ten years time. It may not sound like a lot of money, but if you learn how to invest effectively then it’s not difficult to multiply that amount many times over.

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