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How can I improve my 8th grader’s attitudes?

I teach 8th grade history and have a particular clas of students with negative attitudes. I am a first year teacher and have little experience with this kind of behavior. I amt ryign to think of a lesson plan to teach students the downfalls of negative attitude and how being positive helps with both learning and life. Any suggestions?

It’s a shame you can’t create a little show where you come in with an attitude like them, refusing to answer questions, then get fired… that would get my attention.

Sounds like you need an activity that puts them in groups and makes learning fun. I always liked it when we came in and found our desks in groups with numbers hanging from the ceiling (group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). (4 desks per group, facing inward)

Try to turn it into a project where they have to work together and at the end of the week they have to evaluate one another. They get graded based on how accurately and kindly they evaluate others (and of course how well you saw them work together). So it’s a 2-part grade.

In groups they should read together Monday-Thursday, and on Friday it’s show time. They must teach themselves how to study effectively, as well as make sure *everyone* is as knowledgeable. They’ll have to read together, make notes together, and ultimately work together.

When Friday comes and you have a “battle of the groups” and will ask 1 person from each group to come to the board and write their answer. (Each person should answer at least 2 times.) I strongly suggest letting everyone use notes so that it forces them to learn. The winning team should earn 5 points of extra credit per person, or perhaps 1 point for every question they are above (if team #2 has 10 point and team #4 has 14 points, give 4 points each in team #4). Does your school let you give candy? If so, let the winning participants choose which they prefer.

Randy Pausch (The Last Lecture) wrote a great chapter on this. I strongly suggest reading it today. It’s chapter 24: A Recovering Jerk.

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