Success Requires Activity

We can’t move mountains just by thinking how wonderful it would be to move a mountain. It’s the same with success in our lives and our relationships. If we want things to change then we have to be prepared to get up off the sofa and work on those changes. In some cases that can mean long days and plenty of elbow grease, but if the reason is big enough then we will do whatever it takes.

You probably know or have at least seen people who seem to have a bottomless well of energy and enthusiasm. There’s a good chance that all of those people have one thing in common – success and happiness. Happiness is a lot like success in that it doesn’t happen by accident. It’s something we tend to take for granted, but when you start to think about it you realize that behind everything that gives us some sort of enjoyment or pleasure there is some form of activity.

There’s an old saying that says ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. That basically means that if you take the time to get out in the field and plant some seeds then you will enjoy the fruit of that labor. It doesn’t say ‘if you need you shall reap’. We all have needs throughout our lives but unless we are prepared to devote some activity to those needs it is very unlikely that we will ever fulfil them.

So what is it that provides the energy and enthusiasm that drives people to achieve success? One of the major driving forces for success is the ability to look into the future. We need to be able to set goals and be able to visualize the outcome of those goals long before we achieve them. If you wanted to build the most amazing structure in the world then the very first thing you would need to be able to do is to see that structure in your mind. Not just see it in outline, but to see it in great detail.

It is the same for the needs and goals in your life. Do you think a farmer would be able to motivate himself to work from dawn until dusk planting a crop in spring if he couldn’t already see that crop being harvested in the fall? The ability to see the outcome of our labor before we even start is one of the keys to success.

Almost everything starts with an idea that forms in our mind. If we do nothing then it will always be ‘just an idea’. On the other hand, if we devote the necessary amount of activity to that idea then we can achieve almost anything. Edison performed thousands of  experiments before he was able to produce an efficient incandescent light. He didn’t view those experiments as failures though, but rather as a discovery of what didn’t work. And with each failed experiment he came one step closer to success.

With activity and persistence you really can move mountains.

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